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The paramount objective of the institution revolves around the dissemination of knowledge therefore the institution since its inception has been striving hard to fulfill its obligations. IEEEP is purely non-commercial entity, only on subscriptions from its members and donations from the patriotic entrepreneurs dealing with the electrical and electronics goods. The fantastic speed with which technical advancements are taking place in various branches of engineering and science make it imperative, in fact inevitable for societies and institutions to be formed to deal with the study, practice and progress in the specialized subjects they cover. To achieve the objective IEEEP is making best efforts to spread engineering education and technology through its publications and events. Thus IEEEP is playing a commendable role in promoting engineering education and profession in the country.

President Message

Director "Welcome to the IEEEP website, where you will find information regarding every aspect of our organization what do we do and where do we operate; our mission, core values and leadership; as well as the latest Institution news. You can also read about concerned organizations operating throughout the world and our commitment via use full links on our website.

Whatever you value about your profession, IEEEP has a way to nurture that value. IEEEP membership helps support the IEEEP mission to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. I, as the President assure that the Institution will continue to act as a catalyst in promoting new technologies in the Country. Additionally we would endeavor to inform the fraternity about their career progression and the opportunities in the offing.

Furthermore, the institution is planning to arrange for links to the various centers of excellence and organizations that subscribes to our goals & aspirations. This would help our members and those visiting the website to benefit in a whole some manner. " Engr. Tahir Basharat Cheema

Honorary Secretary General Message

Secretary Dear Members,

First of all I congratulate you on the occasion of Launching new Web-site of IEEEP. This action was pending since long time as there were so many short comings in the previous Web-site. We are now trying to establish a new web-site to meet the minimum standard requirement of our institution with the main spirit of Dissemination of knowledge in our particular field.

I would like to Thank all members for reposing confidence in me and electing me as Honorary Secretary General of Esteem organization, IEEEP. Thank you. I commend IEEEP for serving as forum of our countrymen to acquainted with the latest skill & knowledge related to a constantly evolving specialty. Engineering is a field that has a lot of scope in any developing country. As a nation we are developing and we need more and more skilled engineers for developing better and better Pakistan.

I hereby, once again, assure every one that IEEEP will continue to strive for excellence and transparency in all walks of engineering affairs and will continue all services presently provided by IEEEP to the Engineering community.

Pakistan Zindabad.
Engr. Prof. Dr. Suhail A. Qureshi.



Zorlu Energy Pakistan Ltd.

Zorlu Energy Pakistan was set up on September 13th, 2007 to establish wind power plants and to sell the electricity generated at these wind power plants. The wind power plant to be located in the wind corridor between Gharo, Keti Bandar and Hyderabad in Pakistan's Jimphir region, will have a total installed capacity of 56.4 MW.

Latest News

  • The Honorary Secretary General of IEEEP, Engr. Prof. Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi has joined University of Imperial, Lahore as an Executive Director w.e.f. the 17th February, 2014. Prior to this assignment Dr. Suhail was working as a Vice Chancellor USA (Lahore). He has resigned from Vice Chancellorship of University of South Asia in the last month as per the requirement of the University Policy.
    A Farewell party was arranged in honor of Engr. Prof. Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi by the Administration. Which was attended among others by Mr. Mahmood Sadiq (Owner/Chairman BOG), PVC, Deans, HODs & the whole faculty.
    Mr. Mahmood Sadiq, in his speech appreciated the services of Engr. Prof. Dr. Suhail Aftab as a VC for more than one year. Dr. Suhail will however remain as consultant of engineering disciplines as requested by the University
  • PEC Registration The IEEEP is pleased to announce that PEC(Pakistan Engineering Council) has registered IEEEP as professional engineering body (PEB), to carryout continuing professional development (CPD) activities to the registered engineer (RE), professional engineer (PE) under professional development of engineer Bye-Laws-2008.
  • Membership Forms Membership forms are available for download in the Join Us section of the IEEEP website. Also a Website Visitor Counter is available on the main page showing total visitors to the website to date.
  • IEEEP Website IEEEP website updation is complete. Latest publications of the IEEEP will be available in the publications section for download. New information links have also been updated with a new link to IEEE Education. Member Directory has a new search feature using membership number.

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