Secretary Message

These programs need to be started from IEEEP platform including the local centres in Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad and Lahore. If the Institution makes arrangement to assess real time data using automatic weather station and provide that information to users even at a small cost, it would be a great contribution from IEEEP platform.

I especially want to thank our Engineers Tahir Basharat Cheema and Prof. Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi for their marvelous contributions to this Institution. But I am happy to inform that they are still here with us, only their positions have changed, they will continue to be active members in our new Council. We clearly understand that it is now our turn to sincerely strive for this Institution to make it comparable with such national and international organizations, Insha ‘Allah.”

Engr. Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan